Labor Day

September 6, 2010

Labor Day. I seriously think that we Americans have the dumbest holidays in the world. Labor Day was created because Congress and Legislation wanted to make “it” up to the public for using the U.S military and U.S Marshals during the Pullman strike of 1882. But now a days instead of honoring those killed in the strike, we view it has a day of rest and parties. But I’m also a person who really doesn’t celebrate all too many holidays so I’m not one to criticize. In my opinion it’s actually a useful holiday because we get off from school so yeaaaaaaa!!!!! Anyway today was Labor Day and I had a lot of fun. First of all because I got to sleep in late and second because I went shopping at Roosevelt mall and got so much stuff on sale. And I’m Indian so it’s in my blood to be cheap (coupons, sales, discounts, the whole nine yards) lol. Also something I want to know is how exactly or we suppose to celebrate Labor Day? Today I say a bunch of people wearing flags and I have no idea why and I just can’t see the concept of doing that either. Maybe it represents unity of the races or being proud of your race being hard workers but I really don’t know. Someone needs to tell me.

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