September 7, 2010

So lets see…… this is my first blog and I have no clue on what I’m doing. I guess I’m pretty late but o well better late then sorry I suppose.  Hmmm I’m lost already but imma give this a go. I started of my first semester of college pretty hectic. I was just so tangled up in my life that I don’t even notice the time that seems to jus fly by, hovering over my head as if I’m living in some wonder land. But I’m glad that I have friends who chose to help rather then not give a crap. Ok … let go back to the beginning and start off, which is why I even picked Queens College. Basically I chose this college because it appealed to me most, out of all the other schools I had thought about. I mean my choices were not in the least limited as I was accepted in to colleges like Baruch, Hunter, John Jay, Ittica, and NYU. But the main reasons I chose Queens was because of friends, family, and personal preference. What isn’t there to not like about Queens College and its campus, its hugeeeeeee!!! And it’s inviting and just seems more relaxing then most other schools setting. Other then that, I just seem to naturally fade and mix into Queens College. But I guess most importantly is the fact that Queens College is an affordable school with education equivalent of any other college.

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