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September 15, 2010

Let me start off saying that i wasn’t one to exactly care too much for school as a kid. But i do have a few memorable moments and memories that i do consider quite meaningful. One such moment was recently in my senior year of high school. As a student involved in my high school and known by the majority of the staff and students i was very active in things such as clubs, sport teams, and services to the school. One of my favorites clubs was the Mock Trial team, a group of law students who participated in the national mock trail competition. This competition was basically a simulated case court that was presented by the students in a real court in front of a real judge who would decide which team will win the case based on the proof, and evidence the students would produce with the help of lawyers from a partnered firm. As it was, my team made it all the way to the semi finals, held in November, where we competed against Stuyvesant high school. As i remember it, we were close to the end of the case and i had been made the lawyer for the plaintiff side and had a chance for some redirect questioning. The witness from the other school had been extremely nervous and you could clearly see that by his posture and speech. He would began to mumble and stutter when he either forgot the answer or didn’t know it. Having trained for that exact moment for the previous three months i jumped on the opportunity to pounce on the opposing witness and create a situation in which the witness would say something to contradict all his previous answers and statements. My question was quick and simple – can u name the players of the Mets team? When he answered no, all his credibility went down the drain and he was impeached from trial for false testimony. My team gained an automatic victory due to the fact that he was the lead witness. The reason that i consider this one of my best educational moments is because it showed me that no matter how long it takes, when one takes the time to know what he is saying or arguing it will payoff ten-fold. The incredible feeling of knowing that the person in front of you is wrong and you can prove that they are wrong is so satisfying that all the hard work you put in to acquiring that knowledge is worth it. Simply that moment taught me to be responsible for my work and learning how to get your work load finished in order to be the smart guy who will move on in life and succeed, instead of the guy who wants to bullshit his way through and be proved wrong only so he gets pushed to the back of the line.

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  1.   salvarez said:

    Nice job: sounds like you have experience analyzing situations and arguing for specific interpretations for an audience. These are two major aspects of what you’ll experience reading academic writing, and also the sort of writing you’ll be expected to produce in your discpline–most especially if you decide to follow the career path in law. I have several friends who studied English with me in college who now practice law–they credit their reading and writing skills to the major. Most folks, though, I’m sure you know, tend to go through political science and history. These are great disciplines, but they don’t emphasize writing the way an English major does. Maybe journalism might be comparable.

    What additional sorts of skills did this experience teach you? What about your involvement in this organization in general? What strengths did you develop and carry to QC?

  2.   Mizuho said:

    I will begin each day with love for myself and a miornng practice of journaling, meditation and spiritual nourishment. Followed by physical exercise for my body (at least 5 days a week)I promise myself to not settle for anything less than my heart and soul’s desire in love and to reach beyond my fear into love in every area of my lifeThe support I am calling in to receive is from everywhere and everyone that I will see love in all it’s forms and allow space for love to be there even when my past or behaviors want me to see differently. I call on the universe to support me fully in my quest for love over fear all the time.Thank you!!!! Jules

  3. said:

    A wonderful job. Super helpful information.

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