September 20, 2010

No offense to anyone who is Italian but this is hilarious!!!!

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  1.   salvarez said:

    Fun with accents . . .

    I have two examples that happened to me fairly recently which somewhat reflect some of the humor going on in this video. The first happened when in Georgia, and with a 75-year-old man I know named George who pronounced “ice” like “ass.” I saw George one day in his pick-up heading to town, and I asked him where he was going, and he told me, or so I heard, “I’m a-headin to town ta git some ass”.

    So after a few minutes of back and forth, I realized he said “ice”.

    Another time happened when teaching at a community college, and student mentioned that he went to the “bitch” last weekend. He of course meant “beach” but more than one person in class laughed when he said he went to the bitch, and I had to admit that accents have a strange way of changing language in all sorts of ways. What we should keep in mind though is that we all have accents, and that some are valued more than others. For example, a person who speaks English with a French accent can pass for sophisticated or urbane, whereas someone with an accent from, say, Bangladesh, will not have the same effect as the French accent.

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