September 20, 2010

So yea this is the blog I’m going to write simply because I need to or else my grade will drop. But I have literally nothing to write about and I think I’m just gonna free write and just type in the first thing that pops in to my head. It’s about 11:36 pm and my brother is such a queer, sometimes hes the most annoying dipstick in the world but sometimes he comes in handy (no homo). Well the past week was pretty interesting for me to say the least. On Sunday I fought with my parents because I didn’t go to the temple with them and they were pissed. But sometimes I just don’t see the point of going and sometimes I just don’t feel like going I guess I’m just the least religious person in my family. Which reminds me of Wednesday,  during free hour when some Chinese kid came up to me and started to preach about the bible and I said that I was Atheist just to get him to leave, but you should have seen the look on his face he was shocked and tried to talk me into counseling. Anyways, on Thursday I pretty much did nothing but plan for Friday since one of  my old friends was gonna come down to visit. So on Friday my boy came down, his name is Devin, and we went bowling (which I suck at), then we went to eat at a Chinese buffet and went to shoot some pool which I rock at. And then Saturday came which was the best day of the week, well the most interesting. My friend and I decided to go to the mall and on the way stopped at a red light after getting some ice cream. but a few seconds after coming to a stop we got rear ended by a cab which smashed us in to the Acura in front of us and sandwiched all three cars together. Fortunately we weren’t hurt except for some minor bruising and scratches. But the best part was that the cabby tried to  flee the scene with a cop staring down his window and the guy in front of us acting like nothing happened. And to top it of the passenger in the cab looked at us and smiled looking super excited as if she hit the lottery instead of the car. Which topped of my week with a little chat I had with my ex’s brother which is a whole other story.

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