youtube time!!

October 21, 2010

i really don’t know why i put this up other then the fact that its so funny. just watch for yourself and you will see. but i wonder if it was legal, imagine all the noise it would cause in america.

the active citizen

October 21, 2010

On a personal level must people are thoughtful, cooperative, and willing to help. At times they will even lend out a helpful hand to complete strangers on the roadside or even give spare change to the homeless. But as we progress in our own lives, a cleavage begins to take shape which isolates each individual from the outside world, and from those who have taken refugee in their own private matters. Even we, the Americans, who thrive on a system of democracy, have forgotten that our participation in our economy is what enriches our lives with a sense of accomplishment and meaning. However the reason for recent retreat in social involvement is not because we feel the world is well, but because we feel totally unaffected by any political or social change made by our elite. As America’s economic booms seem to keep passing us by, we struggle to live off of meager paychecks. We worry about the rising costs of healthcare, the miseducation of our children, uncertain about social security, and even random violence. Worrying about all this just to wonder how we will survive in our old age, to overwhelmed to even think about how we can change or speak up. We worry and complain about so much but just shrug in the face of change and say there is nothing we can do, simply because we feel that the top 300 rich people have more wealth then the bottom 3 billion poor combined. But the issues at hand have now become so complex that we cannot comprehend the moral implications of the world as we see it. In a world where Nike pays Michael Jordan more to appear on an ad then all of its Indonesian workers combined we fail to grab the concept that the oblivious unbalance of wealth in the world is where all our problems lie. That the issue at hand is not why there is an unbalance but how can we even begin to address it. Yet what leaves most of us out of the game and standing on the sidelines is not that we fail to comprehend the complicity of the matter but the fear of what we do isn’t left in vain. This ultimately leads us to the Ethiopian proverb, “he who conceals his disease cannot be cured”. As a whole we need to learn that it will take a lot to heal our society and the faith that we had bestowed in it. But as we all have been convinced that there is nothing we can do it gives us this feeling of learned helplessness. Learned helplessness is the failure to take action to make one’s life better which arises from a sense of not being in control. This encourages us to leave important decisions to others (elite, the top rich) which would explain the unbalanced distribution of wealth. Ironically, in a country born from a democratic revolution, to be an American means to be a political. Social withdrawal has become our norm, as defined by the ancient Greek anyone who is incapable or unable of being socially involved was an “idiot”. In present day this term seems to fit perfectly, anyone who can complain but fail to change should be called an idiot. All in all social intervention is very important not only for the health of the economy but also the individual. Being more involved keeps us on top, in control, and gives us a feel of achievement that will show that our efforts did not go in vain. Like all the social, economic, environmental, and even political workers we too can fight back some of this corruption and heal the world and our souls. Just by talking small steps we can start talking leaps and bounds across the country and soon change the nation to fit our lives for the better, all because we spoke up and that’s all we ever had to do.

Throughout the late 20th century, Afghanistan was wrecked by a political instability, civil conflict, and international interference. Soviet forces occupied the counrty in 1979, but failed to defeat a determined rebellion by Mujaheddin fighters and eventually withdrew in 1989. That conflict lead to civil war as political and economic interests had broken the Mujaheddin union into competing parties. Popular frustration at the lawlessness, corruption, and the absences of peace allowed a new militant Islamic movement known as the “Taliban” to emerge in the south of the country. By 1996 Taliban fighters had captured Kabul, and by 2000 had gained control of around 95% of the country. Only the northeast, west, and certain areas in the center remained in the hands of the opposition, Northern Alliance. A major turning point came with the terrorist attacks of 2001. The US blamed Osama bin laden and his al Qaeda network, which had established a significant enigma in Afghanistan and had developed close ties with the Taliban leadership. International orders for Osama bin laden to be handed over to the USA were rebuffed by the Taliban, causing the US to lead military operations in early October. By December 2001 the northern alliance backed by union airpower and Special Forces, had driven the Taliban and its al Qaeda allies from power although significant members of both found shelter in the eastern and southern regions of Pakistan. From there they have continued to build up activist and terrorist attacks across the country. Opposing afghan parties reached an agreement in December 2001 on a temporary government structure for the country, pending the establishment of a permanent broad based representative and democratically elected government. The Bonn agreement set out the process for drafting a new constitution and holding presidential and parliamentary elections. The constitution was agreed on in January 2004 and President Hamid Karzai was elected in October of that year. The UN mandated international security assistance force (ISAF) to provide security and to control the Taliban. Due to inner conflict, the Soviet Union invaded in December of 1979. But the Mujaheddin, who were receiving significant financial and military assistance from the United States, China, and the Arab states fought back. The Soviet Union tried there best in invading Afghanistan but he Mujaheddin kept fighting back. The Soviet Union withdrew in February of 1989. An estimated 1.3 million Afghanis had been killed and 4.5 million had fled the country. The soviet losses were estimated at 15,000 casualties with 50,000 wounded. The Soviet Unions withdrawal led to hopes of an immediate end to the conflict, instead the issue escalated into a civil war. As civil war broke out, ethnic, political, and economic interests had broken the Mujaheddin union into competing parties. Kabul fell in the Mujaheddin power in April of 1992 and a new movement, the Taliban, appeared on the scene in the south. First seizing control of Kandahar and then the surrounding provinces. The movement took its name from its members, many of whom were drawn from the Islamic theology schools that had been established in afghani refugee camps in northeastern Pakistan during the 1980’s. The Islamic Taliban leadership presented itself as helping to get rid of all the conflict that the country faced after Soviet withdrawal. Due to popular frustration the Taliban quickly rose to power and stardom. And its forces were able to capture 9 out of 30 provinces by February of 1995. The movement received strong backing from Pakistan and its strong influential interservice intelligence agency (ISI), which assisted in the recruitment of members and provided weaponry and training and technical assistance. In September 11, 2001 Osama bin laden planned a terrorist attack on the USA, with the Taliban and the al Qaeda network. In 2009 president Obama made a decision to over throw the Taliban, and end the terrorism of the Taliban. Brining peace to the world and stabilizing the government of Afghanistan. Since then the USA has been trying to efficiently and effectively eradicate the Taliban who have turned from a civil army to a terrorist organization. Just like a bad apple in the bunch has to be removed before it soils the rest, the Taliban must be wiped out before it can cause further damage to the world. The USA’s nature in the issue of Afghanistan and the scope of its interest is to successfully bring this war to an end. What started with the US militaries Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), alongside the UK militaries “Operation Herrick” as a result of the 9/11 attacks has now become a full pledged counterinsurgency effort. The US has many roles other then just to end the war in Afghanistan. The USA must first and foremost capture the head of the Taliban. Without the leader of the terrorists captured there will be no way that the world can be rid of this undesirable disease. Then the USA must help establish a government for the country with a constitution, which models that of the worlds finest. With a new afghan government under the power of President Hamid Karzai, the USA now sets a new goal to make that government a more stable and politically strong government which is capable of maintaining control of its people. Along with building their government the USA plans on helping to build and train the afghani army. Due to years of conflict that the country has endured, the people of Afghanistan have been forced to move from their homes and have now become refugees. The USA’s position on the refugees in the country and its bordering countries is to work in collaboration with the UN and help establish safe refugee camps, and in the near future a permanent location for the civilians who were forced to leave their homes because of unsafe conditions. This will be part of the USA’s reconstruction plan for Afghanistan, which the congress has granted 2.3 billion dollars along with one billion dollars for NATO led international security forces. Alongside NATO the USA must also follow the role of repelling and suppressing anti-USA attacks, this must be done in order to guarantee future security and peace. Although the US had been able to stop anti-USA attacks, restarting from May of 2006 the attacks have begun once again. This is a must in order to assure future relationships between the USA and Afghanistan. With the aid of the resurgence of 30,000 troops that president Obama has made, the USA military must suppress rebellious oppression and prevent anymore future violence that can and will be made from terrorist organizations such as the Taliban and al Qaeda. It is necessary to stop future terrorist activity for the common security of the land and the safety of the people. We must also strengthen our defenses inorder to prevent anymore breakouts, in response to the event that occurred in June of 2008. At which time Taliban fighters freed 1200 prisoners including 400 Taliban prisoners of war, in an assault on a Kandahar jail. With Afghanistan being responsible for more then 90% of the worlds illegal opium production, the UN must help to seize further production of the drug which most likely is used to financially help the terrorists along with helping them gain weapons through illegal trade. Eliminate the source of their finical power and they will slowly start to crumble. But the USA’s biggest role in Afghanistan is to successfully bring this war on terrorism to a conclusion. In conclusion the role of the USA in Afghanistan is to successfully eradicate the terrorist network established in Afghanistan. Not only from a frontal approach but an approach from every single side, from their government stand point to their financial power. The USA and NATO must come together under article 5, stating that an attack on one member nation is an attack on all, to grab the disease of terrorism from the root and pull it out of existence.

A world without change is not reality it is a dream. The world and the people that live in it are constantly changing and so must our decisions. Given the circumstances people change their choices and their decisions just as their surrounding environment and their options change. Not only is that a natural instinct but also a preferable decision to get the best possible result out of the outcome. Sticking with your first choice is sometimes the smart move, but only when you are taking a test. Apply that policy to your life and you are bound to be a failure. For example Jim is talking the SAT and on the multiple choice question he comes across a question that he marks down the first time. But when Jim comes back to check his work he starts to second guess himself because he starts to debate it based on another answer choice. Since the circumstances have not changed at all there is no need to change, chances being that his first answer was correct because Jim saw that it made more sense and seemed better then the remaining answer choices. Most decisions we make in life are made with assumption and unclear judgment because they are made on the spot. But when we have a chance to weigh and think our options through, we began to second guess ourselves not because we are wrong but because we see that there was a better choice that could have been made. For example the civil rights era. For years whites felt as if they were superior to most other races, especially the blacks, and often expressed this superiority by means of violent acts and segregation. Now while white folk had become used to a lifestyle in which they had not only superiority over an entire race but also better rights and privileges, they were given an option of either making all men equal (ironically stated in the us constitution), or fight back to maintain and keep their preferred lifestyle. This gave rise of the civil rights movement. Now that the blacks had everything to gain and the whites with a whole lot to lose, the civil rights movement began to take form and shape under the watchful eyes of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and countless others. Blacks moved ahead with every successful boycott, sit-in, and riot. With these losing circumstances the whites changed their decision from suppressing the blacks to giving them equal protection and rights from the law. Another time when people should often consider their decision is when they are under circumstances and decisions that they made that go against them or force them to be unsatisfied. And as an example you can use Benedict Arnold. Originally a US general in the American Revolution, Benedict Arnold was considered by many to be the best general and most accomplished leader in the Continental Army. Without Arnold’s earlier contributions to their cause, the American Revolution might have been lost. But although he was a great general he changed sides to the british. And although he had many proud accomplishments, and completed many brave missions, his political adversaries investigated his accounts, and found charges of corruption. Thus disgusting and assulting his honor and reputation. Which lead Benedict to change his decision of staying in the US, where he would eventually be trialed, to start working with the british, who would provide him a luxurious life after war. Not only is changing your decision with the changing circumstances smart but just simply common sence. Nobody with a straight mind will sit back and not change their decision while the circumstance they are in change for either the best or the worst, simply because their first decision becomes insufficent and irrelevant.

there are two different types of writing styles that people have the first is formal and the second is informal. most of our formal writing is done at places like work or school. and our informal writing style seems to surface at almost any other situation or environment. to make it even simpler writhing done outside of school consist of various forms of slang and acronyms. such as lol, gotta, yo, u, r and etc. but the question here is how can you get school writing to be more like the writhing you do outside of school. well to answer this question all you have to do is lower the standards for English language, forget about grammar, and rip up the dictionary. and on top of that make the topics a lot more inviting and fun. because in truth the topics that most students write about in school are plain, dry, and boring. the worst part is that the amount of wring people do outside of school like texting to blogging, journals, and diary’s is amazing and astronomical. and if all that could be channeled in to writing academically, it would fantastic and we would have smarter kids. to me, there are ways of making the writing we do at school more like the writing outside of school. the first thing would be to simply make whatever it is you are writing about in school more interesting. the second would be to take off some of the requirements put on by teachers which ends up making the article less fun to write and less creative. which leads to my next point which is to make the topic more creative and interesting. instead of having to write about things like old dead people, and history, make students write about things they enjoy but still keeping a connection to the topic at hand in class. there are plenty of ways to make school writing more like writhing done outside of school all that you have to do is make it more appealing. but the main reason people write outside of school is because its not forced and its not chained with requirements and guide lined goals to reach at the end. if that can be accomplished in school then all the power to them.

PIE Paragraph

October 20, 2010

Jagroop Singh
Professor Alvarez
English 110
18, October 2010

In the short film “A Girl like Me”, young black girls were interviewed and asked about there view of what people perceive as beauty. The girls believe that beauty basically had a specific set of traits and elements that include being white or having clean, nice, and natural hair. They also mentioned that as young kids to maturing adults they become aware of this Doxa. This leads the girls in the video to believe that the effects of this common belief is that, girls who don’t fit in to the doxa, mainly black girls, are deprived of their heritage, culture, values or “roots”. Then twenty-one children are asked to choose between two dolls, a black doll and a white doll. And surprisingly only six kids choose the black doll and fifteen choose the white doll. When they were asked why they did so, they replied that the white doll was good and the black doll was bad. Ironically when a little black girl was asked to choose the doll she liked and the one that was good she chose the white doll. But when told to pick out the doll that looked like her, she hesitated and reluctantly pushed up the black doll.
According to Bourdieu in Practical Reason “the dominated perceive the dominant through the categories that the relation of domination has produced and which are thus identical to the interests of the dominant”. (121-122).
The short film “A Girl like Me” illustrates a common belief which states that beauty is defined by a set of requirements such as being white (for the majority). And this is the dominant belief which produces two symbolic groups; the dominated group and the dominant group. And that this is the dominant perception of the infamous Doxa that is held in the symbolic market. This can be clearly seen when the little girl chooses and liked the white doll over the black doll, but ends up realizing that the black doll resembles her more then the white doll. Even though she was of an age where she could have easily ignored this natural reaction, it shows that still at her young age she was able to differentiate the dominant belief. Though in most cases this is very negligible, one can still notice that at a very young age people realize and become aware of the standard. And because of that they can be influenced by the dominant belief and the doxa starts to mold and mend the lives of these people. Ultimately they become the dominated group of the dominant belief.

human slinky

October 19, 2010

OMFG this shit is fucking crazy!!!! i have never ever seen anything like that before. first of all lemme just say that i didn’t know that, that was even possible. but the funny part is i tried to figure out how it was moving, was it a person? a machine? alien? but then i saw the feet and still didn’t get it so whatever. but something that just struck me is that if they made an alien movie a slinky monster like that would be freaking awesome. another note is that i wanna learn how to do that and if i get a chance buy a suit like that and mess with it all day. now i wish i had a slinky because i remember having one as a kid and remembering the countless hours of fun i had. now i have to google slinky to find out where i can buy one that wont break or tangle. because that was what i hated the most, when the coils use to get intertwined and mess up the whole thing ughh i hated that. but i guess of slinkys now i have to act mature time for college!!!


October 19, 2010

Jagroop Singh
Professor Alvarez
English 110
18, October 2010

1- So do you come from a big family?
2- Well obviously everyone does.
3- Tell me about them…
4- Well, I have a mother a father and a “lil” bro.
5- My fathers a little baby, he cries over “everything” and my mom just nags and bitches all the time.
6- My brother is different tho, he got my back when “I be thrashin niggas”
7- Have you ever been in a fight or near death experience?
8- “Hellzzzzzz yea!!!” I was in one the other day.
9- Tell me more…
10-“Iight bet” so I was walking back from the gym yesterday when I saw this group of M.S and Padre niggas,
11-and you know I’m a “King” so I gotta take care of my “bid-ness”
12-So I took out a thick ass lock and put it on my bracelet.
13-I walked straight up to the group, and niggas started looking at me.
14-Then one of the niggas was like “son was good”
15-And I said “yo son…you padre nigga?”
16-and he was “ yea boy”
17-So I took the pad lock and violated that bitch.
18-I smacked him so hard with that lock in the face; he was on the floor with blood rushing out his face.
19-And then?
20-Son I booked it!
21-I was outta there so fast so fast I was like the Flash, son.
22-If I woulda tripped or got caught, they woulda washed me!!

post number ?

October 14, 2010

alright so this is the breakdown of the video: there’s this little buffalo that gets attacked by crocodiles and lions and then the herd comes back to save the little buffalo. yea that sounds super boring and really gay but the best part is that after being brutally attacked and left to die it survives. So yeaaaaaaa!!!! My first reaction to this video was 0_0! WTF!! But if you watch the whole video you will also know why. other then that please watch the video you will be awestruck. and to say the least this video gives so much inspiration that it literally makes u think and gives u a new output towards life. what i mean is that after i saw it all i asked myself was: that little baby buffalo just managed to get away from the jaws of death (literally). And it was because it tried and didn’t give up. And on the other hand there are so many people in this world that just quit and complain about little things all because of something like “o i don’t like the color” or “its not fair”. But if we just put the same effort in to trying to succeed we might actually just get somewhere. so what im saying is stop “BITCHING” people and get a new lease on life, do something!!!!