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October 14, 2010

alright so this is the breakdown of the video: there’s this little buffalo that gets attacked by crocodiles and lions and then the herd comes back to save the little buffalo. yea that sounds super boring and really gay but the best part is that after being brutally attacked and left to die it survives. So yeaaaaaaa!!!! My first reaction to this video was 0_0! WTF!! But if you watch the whole video you will also know why. other then that please watch the video you will be awestruck. and to say the least this video gives so much inspiration that it literally makes u think and gives u a new output towards life. what i mean is that after i saw it all i asked myself was: that little baby buffalo just managed to get away from the jaws of death (literally). And it was because it tried and didn’t give up. And on the other hand there are so many people in this world that just quit and complain about little things all because of something like “o i don’t like the color” or “its not fair”. But if we just put the same effort in to trying to succeed we might actually just get somewhere. so what im saying is stop “BITCHING” people and get a new lease on life, do something!!!!

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