human slinky

October 19, 2010

OMFG this shit is fucking crazy!!!! i have never ever seen anything like that before. first of all lemme just say that i didn’t know that, that was even possible. but the funny part is i tried to figure out how it was moving, was it a person? a machine? alien? but then i saw the feet and still didn’t get it so whatever. but something that just struck me is that if they made an alien movie a slinky monster like that would be freaking awesome. another note is that i wanna learn how to do that and if i get a chance buy a suit like that and mess with it all day. now i wish i had a slinky because i remember having one as a kid and remembering the countless hours of fun i had. now i have to google slinky to find out where i can buy one that wont break or tangle. because that was what i hated the most, when the coils use to get intertwined and mess up the whole thing ughh i hated that. but i guess of slinkys now i have to act mature time for college!!!

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