October 19, 2010

Jagroop Singh
Professor Alvarez
English 110
18, October 2010

1- So do you come from a big family?
2- Well obviously everyone does.
3- Tell me about them…
4- Well, I have a mother a father and a “lil” bro.
5- My fathers a little baby, he cries over “everything” and my mom just nags and bitches all the time.
6- My brother is different tho, he got my back when “I be thrashin niggas”
7- Have you ever been in a fight or near death experience?
8- “Hellzzzzzz yea!!!” I was in one the other day.
9- Tell me more…
10-“Iight bet” so I was walking back from the gym yesterday when I saw this group of M.S and Padre niggas,
11-and you know I’m a “King” so I gotta take care of my “bid-ness”
12-So I took out a thick ass lock and put it on my bracelet.
13-I walked straight up to the group, and niggas started looking at me.
14-Then one of the niggas was like “son was good”
15-And I said “yo son…you padre nigga?”
16-and he was “ yea boy”
17-So I took the pad lock and violated that bitch.
18-I smacked him so hard with that lock in the face; he was on the floor with blood rushing out his face.
19-And then?
20-Son I booked it!
21-I was outta there so fast so fast I was like the Flash, son.
22-If I woulda tripped or got caught, they woulda washed me!!

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