there are two different types of writing styles that people have the first is formal and the second is informal. most of our formal writing is done at places like work or school. and our informal writing style seems to surface at almost any other situation or environment. to make it even simpler writhing done outside of school consist of various forms of slang and acronyms. such as lol, gotta, yo, u, r and etc. but the question here is how can you get school writing to be more like the writhing you do outside of school. well to answer this question all you have to do is lower the standards for English language, forget about grammar, and rip up the dictionary. and on top of that make the topics a lot more inviting and fun. because in truth the topics that most students write about in school are plain, dry, and boring. the worst part is that the amount of wring people do outside of school like texting to blogging, journals, and diary’s is amazing and astronomical. and if all that could be channeled in to writing academically, it would fantastic and we would have smarter kids. to me, there are ways of making the writing we do at school more like the writing outside of school. the first thing would be to simply make whatever it is you are writing about in school more interesting. the second would be to take off some of the requirements put on by teachers which ends up making the article less fun to write and less creative. which leads to my next point which is to make the topic more creative and interesting. instead of having to write about things like old dead people, and history, make students write about things they enjoy but still keeping a connection to the topic at hand in class. there are plenty of ways to make school writing more like writhing done outside of school all that you have to do is make it more appealing. but the main reason people write outside of school is because its not forced and its not chained with requirements and guide lined goals to reach at the end. if that can be accomplished in school then all the power to them.

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