A world without change is not reality it is a dream. The world and the people that live in it are constantly changing and so must our decisions. Given the circumstances people change their choices and their decisions just as their surrounding environment and their options change. Not only is that a natural instinct but also a preferable decision to get the best possible result out of the outcome. Sticking with your first choice is sometimes the smart move, but only when you are taking a test. Apply that policy to your life and you are bound to be a failure. For example Jim is talking the SAT and on the multiple choice question he comes across a question that he marks down the first time. But when Jim comes back to check his work he starts to second guess himself because he starts to debate it based on another answer choice. Since the circumstances have not changed at all there is no need to change, chances being that his first answer was correct because Jim saw that it made more sense and seemed better then the remaining answer choices. Most decisions we make in life are made with assumption and unclear judgment because they are made on the spot. But when we have a chance to weigh and think our options through, we began to second guess ourselves not because we are wrong but because we see that there was a better choice that could have been made. For example the civil rights era. For years whites felt as if they were superior to most other races, especially the blacks, and often expressed this superiority by means of violent acts and segregation. Now while white folk had become used to a lifestyle in which they had not only superiority over an entire race but also better rights and privileges, they were given an option of either making all men equal (ironically stated in the us constitution), or fight back to maintain and keep their preferred lifestyle. This gave rise of the civil rights movement. Now that the blacks had everything to gain and the whites with a whole lot to lose, the civil rights movement began to take form and shape under the watchful eyes of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and countless others. Blacks moved ahead with every successful boycott, sit-in, and riot. With these losing circumstances the whites changed their decision from suppressing the blacks to giving them equal protection and rights from the law. Another time when people should often consider their decision is when they are under circumstances and decisions that they made that go against them or force them to be unsatisfied. And as an example you can use Benedict Arnold. Originally a US general in the American Revolution, Benedict Arnold was considered by many to be the best general and most accomplished leader in the Continental Army. Without Arnold’s earlier contributions to their cause, the American Revolution might have been lost. But although he was a great general he changed sides to the british. And although he had many proud accomplishments, and completed many brave missions, his political adversaries investigated his accounts, and found charges of corruption. Thus disgusting and assulting his honor and reputation. Which lead Benedict to change his decision of staying in the US, where he would eventually be trialed, to start working with the british, who would provide him a luxurious life after war. Not only is changing your decision with the changing circumstances smart but just simply common sence. Nobody with a straight mind will sit back and not change their decision while the circumstance they are in change for either the best or the worst, simply because their first decision becomes insufficent and irrelevant.

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