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December 2, 2010

So it’s been almost a month sine I last blog and I think with only a week or so off class left I will blog as much as possible. But this will be so annoying and my life is going to suck. Anyways today was honestly one of the most epic days in my college life so far and I loved every single moment. It started off with me waking up with an Indian accent, which is not really normal (surprisingly). Then I came to campus at around 8:45 am and got some tea but I ended up putting in to much milk and drank hot milk with sugar, which tasted really good. And then I headed of to my extremely boring economics class in which the professor called Andrew Jackson a “first class son of a bitch”, which had me dying the whole time. But soon after I got bored and decided to skip philosophy which I’m pretty sure was a bad idea… but o well. So with nothing to do I ended up going to the Student Union with my friend, Amrr, and goofed around till Mursal showed up and we ended up talking about life and I had to persuade his girlfriend to come to QC for him. But then without notice my ex and Amrr’s girlfriend showed up with their friend Julie and soon after her boy friend and our friend Mark showed up, which mad things really uncomfortable. And that’s when the drama really started and things got funny. First, Amrr and his girl ended up fighting which resulted with them both just ignoring each other all afternoon. Then Julie and Mark swapped spit for hours on end, and my ex tried to get me to get back together with her by running a guilt trip, which would have worked if I didn’t happen to be a grade A douche bag. After her failed attempt she left and I felt relieved and ended up getting glares from her friends which I laughed at. But fortunately Mursal’s girlfriend showed up and lightened the mood because I ended up messing around with Mursal and his girl. This was extremely fun just because I managed to piss of mursal, and I will refrain from detail, mostly because he will get even angrier.  Anyways the drama continued when Julie’s ex started calling and managed to piss off me, Julie, Amrr, and Amrr’s girl. O yea I forgot to mention that I managed to get us kicked out of the Hillel.

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