PIE Paragraph

October 20, 2010

Jagroop Singh
Professor Alvarez
English 110
18, October 2010

In the short film “A Girl like Me”, young black girls were interviewed and asked about there view of what people perceive as beauty. The girls believe that beauty basically had a specific set of traits and elements that include being white or having clean, nice, and natural hair. They also mentioned that as young kids to maturing adults they become aware of this Doxa. This leads the girls in the video to believe that the effects of this common belief is that, girls who don’t fit in to the doxa, mainly black girls, are deprived of their heritage, culture, values or “roots”. Then twenty-one children are asked to choose between two dolls, a black doll and a white doll. And surprisingly only six kids choose the black doll and fifteen choose the white doll. When they were asked why they did so, they replied that the white doll was good and the black doll was bad. Ironically when a little black girl was asked to choose the doll she liked and the one that was good she chose the white doll. But when told to pick out the doll that looked like her, she hesitated and reluctantly pushed up the black doll.
According to Bourdieu in Practical Reason “the dominated perceive the dominant through the categories that the relation of domination has produced and which are thus identical to the interests of the dominant”. (121-122).
The short film “A Girl like Me” illustrates a common belief which states that beauty is defined by a set of requirements such as being white (for the majority). And this is the dominant belief which produces two symbolic groups; the dominated group and the dominant group. And that this is the dominant perception of the infamous Doxa that is held in the symbolic market. This can be clearly seen when the little girl chooses and liked the white doll over the black doll, but ends up realizing that the black doll resembles her more then the white doll. Even though she was of an age where she could have easily ignored this natural reaction, it shows that still at her young age she was able to differentiate the dominant belief. Though in most cases this is very negligible, one can still notice that at a very young age people realize and become aware of the standard. And because of that they can be influenced by the dominant belief and the doxa starts to mold and mend the lives of these people. Ultimately they become the dominated group of the dominant belief.

human slinky

October 19, 2010


OMFG this shit is fucking crazy!!!! i have never ever seen anything like that before. first of all lemme just say that i didn’t know that, that was even possible. but the funny part is i tried to figure out how it was moving, was it a person? a machine? alien? but then i saw the feet and still didn’t get it so whatever. but something that just struck me is that if they made an alien movie a slinky monster like that would be freaking awesome. another note is that i wanna learn how to do that and if i get a chance buy a suit like that and mess with it all day. now i wish i had a slinky because i remember having one as a kid and remembering the countless hours of fun i had. now i have to google slinky to find out where i can buy one that wont break or tangle. because that was what i hated the most, when the coils use to get intertwined and mess up the whole thing ughh i hated that. but i guess of slinkys now i have to act mature time for college!!!


October 19, 2010

Jagroop Singh
Professor Alvarez
English 110
18, October 2010

1- So do you come from a big family?
2- Well obviously everyone does.
3- Tell me about them…
4- Well, I have a mother a father and a “lil” bro.
5- My fathers a little baby, he cries over “everything” and my mom just nags and bitches all the time.
6- My brother is different tho, he got my back when “I be thrashin niggas”
7- Have you ever been in a fight or near death experience?
8- “Hellzzzzzz yea!!!” I was in one the other day.
9- Tell me more…
10-“Iight bet” so I was walking back from the gym yesterday when I saw this group of M.S and Padre niggas,
11-and you know I’m a “King” so I gotta take care of my “bid-ness”
12-So I took out a thick ass lock and put it on my bracelet.
13-I walked straight up to the group, and niggas started looking at me.
14-Then one of the niggas was like “son was good”
15-And I said “yo son…you padre nigga?”
16-and he was “ yea boy”
17-So I took the pad lock and violated that bitch.
18-I smacked him so hard with that lock in the face; he was on the floor with blood rushing out his face.
19-And then?
20-Son I booked it!
21-I was outta there so fast so fast I was like the Flash, son.
22-If I woulda tripped or got caught, they woulda washed me!!

post number ?

October 14, 2010

alright so this is the breakdown of the video: there’s this little buffalo that gets attacked by crocodiles and lions and then the herd comes back to save the little buffalo. yea that sounds super boring and really gay but the best part is that after being brutally attacked and left to die it survives. So yeaaaaaaa!!!! My first reaction to this video was 0_0! WTF!! But if you watch the whole video you will also know why. other then that please watch the video you will be awestruck. and to say the least this video gives so much inspiration that it literally makes u think and gives u a new output towards life. what i mean is that after i saw it all i asked myself was: that little baby buffalo just managed to get away from the jaws of death (literally). And it was because it tried and didn’t give up. And on the other hand there are so many people in this world that just quit and complain about little things all because of something like “o i don’t like the color” or “its not fair”. But if we just put the same effort in to trying to succeed we might actually just get somewhere. so what im saying is stop “BITCHING” people and get a new lease on life, do something!!!!

bucket list

September 21, 2010

Well i saw the movie today and thought i would create my own list :

1.  Complete a marathon.
2.  Learn to play golf.
3.  Learn archery.
4.  Swim across the English Channel.
5.  Learn to ski.
6.  Go snowboarding.
7.  Go canoeing or kayaking.
8.  Take up fishing.
9.  Try fencing.
10. Learn to say “hello” in 50 languages.
12. Learn to play the piano.
13. Go scuba diving.
14. Be in a cage surrounded by sharks.
15. Dive in a submarine.
16. Learn to surf.
17. Drive a speedboat.
18. Go sky diving.
19. Go Bungee Jumping.
20. Go fire walking.
21. Ride a mechanical bull.
22. Race a sports car.
23. Fire a pistol.
24. Learn how to do a backflip.
25. Go Zorbing.
26. Ride the Ten Largest Roller Coasters in the World.
27. Experience Weightlessness.
28. Break a Guinness World Record.
29. Save someone’s life.
30. Test drive a Ferrari.
31. Climb up the Statute of Liberty.
32. Visit all 50 of the United States.
33. Be in a commercial.
34. Learn to juggle.
35. Go to the Super Bow.
36. Go snorkeling in a shipwreck.
37. Meet the President of the United States.
38. Be interviewed on Oprah.
39. Donate a million dollars to a charity.
40. Create a YouTube video.
41. Become a millionaire.
42. Find the love of my life.
43. Have a large family.
44. Have a pet.
45. Write a letter to each of my children telling them what i want them to know about my life and the lessons i’ve learned.
46. Run with the bulls.
47. Mush a Dog Sled.
48. Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean.
49. Milk a cow.
50. Climb Mt. Everest.
51. Apologize to the one i love.

September 20, 2010

No offense to anyone who is Italian but this is hilarious!!!!


September 20, 2010

So yea this is the blog I’m going to write simply because I need to or else my grade will drop. But I have literally nothing to write about and I think I’m just gonna free write and just type in the first thing that pops in to my head. It’s about 11:36 pm and my brother is such a queer, sometimes hes the most annoying dipstick in the world but sometimes he comes in handy (no homo). Well the past week was pretty interesting for me to say the least. On Sunday I fought with my parents because I didn’t go to the temple with them and they were pissed. But sometimes I just don’t see the point of going and sometimes I just don’t feel like going I guess I’m just the least religious person in my family. Which reminds me of Wednesday,  during free hour when some Chinese kid came up to me and started to preach about the bible and I said that I was Atheist just to get him to leave, but you should have seen the look on his face he was shocked and tried to talk me into counseling. Anyways, on Thursday I pretty much did nothing but plan for Friday since one of  my old friends was gonna come down to visit. So on Friday my boy came down, his name is Devin, and we went bowling (which I suck at), then we went to eat at a Chinese buffet and went to shoot some pool which I rock at. And then Saturday came which was the best day of the week, well the most interesting. My friend and I decided to go to the mall and on the way stopped at a red light after getting some ice cream. but a few seconds after coming to a stop we got rear ended by a cab which smashed us in to the Acura in front of us and sandwiched all three cars together. Fortunately we weren’t hurt except for some minor bruising and scratches. But the best part was that the cabby tried to  flee the scene with a cop staring down his window and the guy in front of us acting like nothing happened. And to top it of the passenger in the cab looked at us and smiled looking super excited as if she hit the lottery instead of the car. Which topped of my week with a little chat I had with my ex’s brother which is a whole other story.

educational moment

September 15, 2010

Let me start off saying that i wasn’t one to exactly care too much for school as a kid. But i do have a few memorable moments and memories that i do consider quite meaningful. One such moment was recently in my senior year of high school. As a student involved in my high school and known by the majority of the staff and students i was very active in things such as clubs, sport teams, and services to the school. One of my favorites clubs was the Mock Trial team, a group of law students who participated in the national mock trail competition. This competition was basically a simulated case court that was presented by the students in a real court in front of a real judge who would decide which team will win the case based on the proof, and evidence the students would produce with the help of lawyers from a partnered firm. As it was, my team made it all the way to the semi finals, held in November, where we competed against Stuyvesant high school. As i remember it, we were close to the end of the case and i had been made the lawyer for the plaintiff side and had a chance for some redirect questioning. The witness from the other school had been extremely nervous and you could clearly see that by his posture and speech. He would began to mumble and stutter when he either forgot the answer or didn’t know it. Having trained for that exact moment for the previous three months i jumped on the opportunity to pounce on the opposing witness and create a situation in which the witness would say something to contradict all his previous answers and statements. My question was quick and simple – can u name the players of the Mets team? When he answered no, all his credibility went down the drain and he was impeached from trial for false testimony. My team gained an automatic victory due to the fact that he was the lead witness. The reason that i consider this one of my best educational moments is because it showed me that no matter how long it takes, when one takes the time to know what he is saying or arguing it will payoff ten-fold. The incredible feeling of knowing that the person in front of you is wrong and you can prove that they are wrong is so satisfying that all the hard work you put in to acquiring that knowledge is worth it. Simply that moment taught me to be responsible for my work and learning how to get your work load finished in order to be the smart guy who will move on in life and succeed, instead of the guy who wants to bullshit his way through and be proved wrong only so he gets pushed to the back of the line.


September 7, 2010

So lets see…… this is my first blog and I have no clue on what I’m doing. I guess I’m pretty late but o well better late then sorry I suppose.  Hmmm I’m lost already but imma give this a go. I started of my first semester of college pretty hectic. I was just so tangled up in my life that I don’t even notice the time that seems to jus fly by, hovering over my head as if I’m living in some wonder land. But I’m glad that I have friends who chose to help rather then not give a crap. Ok … let go back to the beginning and start off, which is why I even picked Queens College. Basically I chose this college because it appealed to me most, out of all the other schools I had thought about. I mean my choices were not in the least limited as I was accepted in to colleges like Baruch, Hunter, John Jay, Ittica, and NYU. But the main reasons I chose Queens was because of friends, family, and personal preference. What isn’t there to not like about Queens College and its campus, its hugeeeeeee!!! And it’s inviting and just seems more relaxing then most other schools setting. Other then that, I just seem to naturally fade and mix into Queens College. But I guess most importantly is the fact that Queens College is an affordable school with education equivalent of any other college.

Labor Day

September 6, 2010

Labor Day. I seriously think that we Americans have the dumbest holidays in the world. Labor Day was created because Congress and Legislation wanted to make “it” up to the public for using the U.S military and U.S Marshals during the Pullman strike of 1882. But now a days instead of honoring those killed in the strike, we view it has a day of rest and parties. But I’m also a person who really doesn’t celebrate all too many holidays so I’m not one to criticize. In my opinion it’s actually a useful holiday because we get off from school so yeaaaaaaa!!!!! Anyway today was Labor Day and I had a lot of fun. First of all because I got to sleep in late and second because I went shopping at Roosevelt mall and got so much stuff on sale. And I’m Indian so it’s in my blood to be cheap (coupons, sales, discounts, the whole nine yards) lol. Also something I want to know is how exactly or we suppose to celebrate Labor Day? Today I say a bunch of people wearing flags and I have no idea why and I just can’t see the concept of doing that either. Maybe it represents unity of the races or being proud of your race being hard workers but I really don’t know. Someone needs to tell me.