Jagroop Singh

Professor Alvarez

English 110

22 December 2010

Cover Letter: Personal Statement

College is what I had been waiting for the whole summer. I had so many high expectations and to be honest Queens College actually came through with most of them, except for the crazy dorm parties. But anyways I had an awesome first semester and it was actually all because of the English 110 class. I remember on the first day of college I didn’t show up to class because I had planned to go drop it and take it later on in the day, but thank god I didn’t do that. At first I thought waking up early and coming to class at eight would be a pain in the ass but I realized I been doing that for the past twelve years. Regardless of that the class itself was fantastic, absolutely mind blowing, or as my Indian friends with accents would say “mind blasting, it didn’t blow my mind it blasted my mind”. The small class rooms were ideal learning environments. They felt comfortable enough to speak in and always gave a student friendly vibe. Even the FYI was great because I printed so much free stuff it’s not even funny. But otherwise the skills I picked up in English 110 are some things I can actually use and have used in my classes. After so many years I finally think I have the MLA format down, and I definitely have learned to writing longer papers with out dreading them, all thanks to you for breaking it down step by step. Other then that I loved class it was awesome, the kids in it are the ones who I hang out with all the time and if it wasn’t for English 110 my life would be very different right now. Overall I must say that out of all my classes English 110 was at the top of the list, I had a blast coming and participating in class and I speak for everyone when I say you were awesome. But seriously thank you for making my college experience that much better. And I defiantly hope you will teach a class that I might take in the future.

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