Jagroop Singh

Professor Alvarez

English 110

22 December 2010

Scholarship Essay: Career Goals

Ever since I was a child I had a hard time deciding my career. I used to change my mind between being an architect, firefighter, doctor, accountant, and even a lawyer. But during the start of the semester I ended up majoring in history and choose to become a secondary education teacher. This is ironic because I never wanted to become a teacher. But after thinking about it I realized that it made a lot of sense, I love history, I was involved in my high school for all four years, and I’m the definition of a “people’s person”. My career goal is simple, I plan on becoming a very successful history teacher to a degree where my students will be able to say “Hey, my history teacher was the one who helped me get through high school”, just like I can with my teachers. I must admit if it wasn’t for one particular gentleman I would never have thought of becoming a history major let alone finished high school. The work that I do in my courses now, lays down the foundation on which my career will start. The classes that I have to cover on my path toward graduating as a history major include me completing courses on history of Europe, the United States, and an area which I will have to concentrate on (most likely it will be Indian history). And in order for me to be able to teach history I must first know history. And the only way to do that is to actively and successfully learn as much history as I possibly can, meaning that I have to commit one hundred percent in my classes and really understand what I’m taught so I can “ chew it and spit it back out”. So what I learn is literally what I will teach, unlike in other majors where I have to piece things together to make sense of anything that I might have to do.

I was brought up in a middle class family, and have parents who never went to college or even finished high school. And my parents aren’t wealthy and have a responsibility to my family so I don’t always have what I need. So I am always aware of my situation and surroundings. I know when to speak and when not to, I know how to behave in any situation under any circumstance. And more importantly I know that my values of prestige, respect, honor, and dignity are all in the right place. So in order to compensate for the lack of “tools”, I participated in a lot of extra curricular activities in high school. For example I was a part of the law team in my high school, where I learned the basic trades of the legal system. I was also a part of the student government, learning and improving my leadership skills, key traits in a successful educator. I also happened to be on the Model United Nations team in my school where I lead my class mates to a grand conference where teams from all over the world compete in simulated U.N conferences. Apart from those I held a spot in the N.H.S (National Honor Society), and was required to complete 200 hours of community service, and just to note I completed over 275 hours, at places like the Ronald McDonald House, the Boys and Girls club, various elementary schools, and even my church. I even volunteered after school to help tutor students who were part of the night school program, under the supervision of my AP of the history department. You can say that this is where I fostered my passion for teaching. During that time I realized that being a part of someone’s life and being able to help them improve and move forward was a huge pay off for me and it gave me great joy knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life.

Like most other applicants for this scholarship I can lie and say many things like in the future I will become this or that, or I plan on using the money to pay for college, and I can even make up stories on how I come from a poor family and need the money. But that just isn’t me. I was raised by my parents to never put my hands out for alms, or even ask for help where I had options that could help me finish my goal. And college is no different. Even though at the moment my family is finically on a tight budget and can only provide minute support, I have been given hands, arms, and legs by god so I can work. I know that my future will be hard but at least it’s possible. All the hard work will make me a better man and I know that if I work I will be able to meet the status quo set by the Queens College institution. My values in life are all about working hard and making the best out of any situation and always finishing what I start. So in the end I believe I make a strong candidate for this scholarship because I am an honest, hardworking individual. Especially with my experiences in life I make for a perfect candidate because I know what the value of a dollar is, and I know where my place is but I also know that the only place I will aim for is the top and with this scholarship I will be that much closer. Even if my application is denied I will pursue my career goals and I will become successful. I believe that in order to win in life you must enjoy every aspect of it, especially the dreaded job part of life. But my simple solution is to enjoy what I do, and I will definitely accomplish my goals.

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